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Research fundamental studies

Research fundamental studies

Research fundamental studies, expo world chemical can undertake broad ranging research and long-term studies into molecular behaviour as well as short-term, speculative “look-see” contract research. Our scientists work at the leading-edge of discovery. Their expertise across an extensive range of scientific areas and techniques, together with their wide-ranging collaborations, allows the greatest advantage to be levered.

Combination of spectroscopic, physicochemical & theoretical approaches
In-depth research into fundamental molecular phenomena
– chirality, enantio-discrimination
– crystal growth, enantiomorphism, aggregation
– protein, DNA structure-function
– drug properties & binding
– drug discovery & optimisation
– data interpretation & pattern recognition
– instrumentation & methodology development
Industry-academia collaborations & project co-ordination
Research to industrial translation of knowledge
Test-bed”, “look-see” & speculative studies….


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