MDAI is an indane analog of 3,4-(methylenedioxy)amphetamine (MDA). In animal studies, MDAI effects are indistinguishable from 3,4-(methylenedioxy)methamphetamine (MDMA). While non-neurotoxic in animals when administered alone, it produces significant serotonin neurotoxicity when given with dopaminergic agents.

it is now back after being unavailable for a long time. It comes as crystalline powder.

it is a previously legal upper marketed as an MDMA replacement and is closely related toMDAI 2-AI , a predominantly dopamine and noradrenaline stimulant.
It was first synthesized in the 1990s by David E. Nichols and his team.
More about 2-AI is here!

6-methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane is one of the de-lactogenic / empathogenic agents, substances that significantly increase the empathy capacity of the consumer.

For several years, MDAI has been marketed as Research Chemical (new psychoactive substance / NPS) in online shops.
The special feature of this new psychoactive substance is that it (unlike MDMA and most other serotonergic empathogens) is probably not neurotoxic.
This is not scientifically proven and of course (even if it is true) does not mean that you should consume MDAI more often than MDMA (so only every 2-4 months).
The use of this drug is a blatant intrusion into the serotonin balance of the brain.
This is responsible for a lot of body functions and also for the feeling of happiness and good humor, so you should take good care that this household does not get out of hand. Excessive
use of MDAI , as well as frequent use of MDMA, leads to depression and mental and physical side effects, and in the worst case can negatively impact serotonin balance for a long time!
More about this in the subsection “Side Effects and Risks”.

There are many different reports about the effects of MDAI .
Some consumers like it very much and consider MDAI to have a much lower side-effect than MDMA, others have hardly any positive effects, but many side effects.
This can either be because bad batches are in circulation, or that this substance actually varies greatly from person to person.

Because of the serotonergic effect MDAI could potentially be used as an extender, or for the manufacturers cheaper substitute for XTC pills.
To protect yourself as a consumer from such confusion when you want to consume unknown ecstasy tablets, you should always test them with a drug rapid test whether MDMA is actually included.
The same applies to crystalline MDMA.

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